We are a Mobile Detailing Company. Our vans are fully equipped with both water and electric. We specialize in the “Full Detail”. This includes all Interior and Exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Allowing us to do on the spot detailing at your demand.


  • Cleaning of every crack and crevice
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet & Upholstry cleaning
  • Rubber Vinyl cleaning and protectant (helps against harmful UV rays).
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning


  • Hand wash
  • 3 Step Wax Treatment

A High Quality grade carnauba wax combined with our professional buffing skills.

1- Remove light surface scratches and

2- Remove moderate paint oxidation

3- Creates a protective barrier between your paint job and the elements.

4-Leaves a superior shine and mirror like finish.

  • Bug and Tar removal
  • Rim Renewal

An edited version of our “full detail” is offered to repeat customers and multiple vehicles.

* Engine degreasing available upon request*

Additional Services

Mat Renewal Deep cleaning and dying of the carpets.

Tint/Lettering/Decal Removal Are done without harm to your rear defrost or paint job.

Headlight Restoration Removes the cloudy, yellowish color from your headlights, eliminating any State safety issues, while allowing you to see better and improve the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Odor Removal A four step process professionally performed removes almost any odor no matter the cause (ex: Urine, Feces, Vomit, Smoke, Pet odor).

Clay BarringA paint safe product professionally hand worked removes Heavy Oxidation, Paint Overspray, Tree Sap, Rail Dust and other impurities on your paint.

Scratch RemovalAny scratch that can be seen and not felt can most always be removed with a little T-L-C, from the skilled professionals here at A Touch of Class Auto Detailing, LLC.

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